Past Projects

Our gallery of past projects will give you an idea of the breadth of experience and service offered by Mona. Click on any of the photographs to enlarge and read more.

Installation of Electric Overhead Travelling Crane for CERN (Organisation for Nuclear Research)

Mona Lifting were successful in bidding for the design, manufacture and installation of an Electric Overhead Travelling Crane for CERN, Geneva.

The crane was designed and manufactured in our workshops at Llangefni, Anglesey before being electrically and mechanically tested to verify customer specification. The crane was then transported to Geneva, Switzerland to be met with the Mona Lifting commissioning engineers on site at CERN.

The installation was co-ordinated and conducted over a period of two days, in which the crane was lowered onto a purpose built gantry 30m below ground level. The crane was commissioned and handed over to the customer on time and within budget.

The feedback from the CERN project team:

“I catch the opportunity to congratulate with Mona Lifting for the excellent job done from the design phase until the installation on site; despite all the CERN complexities and other unforeseen problems (delays, and bad weather etc.) you managed to complete the project keeping a high quality level. Our colleagues and I really hope to keep collaborating with you in the future!”

For further information please see our dedicated Mona Cranes web site.

Windmill Safety Attachment Point Inspection

Mona Lifting were called upon to inspect safety harness attachment points on a windmill – Melin Llynnon, Ynys Mon, makes a change to usual work carried out on modern wind turbines!

Crane Replacement for DCCWW Lliw Valley Pumping Station

Mona Cranes replaced an old crane for DCCWW Lliw Valley pumping station to automate the process of servicing the pumps which are located in a sump 20m deep. The installation was complicated as conventional mobile cranes could not be used and a special lifting system designed by Mona was utilised for the installation.

Dulas Ltd, Balnacarn Powerhouse Crane

Dulas Ltd who specialise in small hydro installations contracted Mona Lifting to devise a crane that would lift a relatively heavy turbine in a small low headroom ‘rustic’ powerhouse building. Mona Lifting designed, manufactured and tested a 7 tonne x 3.8m span manual underslung overhead travelling crane to fit the parameters see drawing below.

Kellogs Ltd, Wrexham

Kellogs Ltd who operate a breakfast cereal manufacturing plant had twelve mixing machines in a headroom confined area which needed motors replacing periodically. An existing crane had been installed by another manufacturer but it proved to be unsatisfactory due to the long travel jamming under load. Mona Lifting were asked to replace the crane, so a new crane was designed SWL 2t x 2m span as per the drawing below. This crane is successful and is set to be repeated on each mixing unit.

Dawnus Construction Ltd, Cowlyd Lower Powerhouse Crane

Dawnus are constructing a powerhouse for Welsh Water’s Cowlyd reservoir outfall works this is the second crane on this project. Mona Lifting have manufactured several versions of this design of crane to other small powerhouses in Wales and Scotland.

The crane is a top running manual overhead travelling crane 5tonne x 6m span complete with support gantry and rails.

Stena Line Ltd, Re-Fuelling Jetty Pipe Bridge

Stena requested Mona Lifting to solve a problem they had at Holyhead Port where an existing ship fuel pipe support structure had become corroded and was in need of prompt renewal. Mona designed, manufactured, coated, and installed a 42m long steel lattice bridge structure using the MV ‘Mersey Mammoth’ Floating Crane in a tight programme so as to secure the integrity of the installation.

North Wales Dock Company, Bascule Bridge, Felinheli Dock

North Wales Dock Company Ltd who operated the Marina and Dock at Felinheli had problems with their Bascule Bridge which was badly corroded and mechanical drives and transmissions were worn causing problems in lifting and lowering the deck. Mona Lifting Ltd were called in to provide temporary repairs which entailed removing drives re – machining and bushing and applying an interim protective coating system to the bridge, so as to provide a safe and satisfactory operation.

Gwynedd County Council – Dano Pulveriser Plant

Disassemble pulveriser unit, ram feeder and hopper feed conveyors.

Remove roof of containment hall and remove parts to be repaired via mobile crane.

Fabricate new ram feeder, new 4m dia feed end section blast clean and coat existing. Renew and replace all worn parts and upgrade guarding on conveyors. Recommend new and replace hopper level sensors. Refurbish and upgrade power control panel and service entire interlock system. Service/ renew all hydraulic power units. Replace under sized conveyor motors.

Clean drum internally, inspect, repair and renew wear plates on bulkheads and spikes and ribs, twelve month service and breakdown.

Chesterfield Canal Trust, 12m Steel Footbridge

A steel Bridge was manufactured to specification and installed over a rehabilitated section of canal at Chesterfield.

A truss design with steel hollow section top and bottom chords solid round parapet with flat bar bracing. We were able to save 1.2 tonnes from the original bridge structure by using lighter section and rationalising the construction using our design expertise.